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Animonda Integra Protect Kat Urinary Kip 100gr

Animonda Integra Protect Kat Urinary Kip 100gr

dieetvoer voor katten met struvit of oxolaat (blaasgruis) of aanleg voor ontwikkelen ervan

€  1.15

Animonda Integra Protect Kat Urinary Kip 100gr


animonda INTEGRA® PROTECT Harnsteine (Urinary)

Diseases of the lower urinary tract occur in approximately 9% of cats once or even several times within the first 10 years of life. The most common causes here are urinary stones and urethra plugs. Struvite and calcium oxalate stones together account for over 90% of urinary stones in Europe. The formation of both kinds of stones is influenced by either an increase pH-value in the urine or a pH-value which is too low. In INTEGRA® Protect a specially balanced mineral content as well as an appropriate supply of magnesium and phosphorus to meet the cat’s requirements ensures the formation of urine with an ideal pH-value of around 6.7. Consequently the formation of further struvite and calcium oxalate stones is prevented. INTEGRA® Protect Urinary is therefore particularly suitable as a prophylactic diet.

Dietetic feed to reduce the recurrence of struvite and oxalate stones in cats

Meat and animal derivatives (10 % chicken), cereals, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, DL-Methionine

nutrients        unit        pro 100 g OS        pro 100 g DM
Protein        g        9,5        47,5
Fat        g        6,5        32,5
Fiber        g        0,6        3,0
Ash        g        1,4        7,0
N-free extracts        g        2,0        10
moisture        g        80        
Calcium        g        0,2        1
Phosphorous        g        0,17        0,77
Magnesium        mg        11        55
Sodium        g        0,18        0,9
Potassium        g        0,17        0,85
Chloride        g        0,3        1,5
Sulphur        mg        0,2        1,0
Linoleic acid        g        1,2        6,0
Taurine        mg        54        270
Ca:P                1,18:1        
pH of the urine                6,5        

additives        unit        per 100 g OS        per 100 g DM
Vitamin A        IU        2500        12500
Vitamin D3        IU        20        100
Vitamin E        mg        3        15

weight of the cat        lean        normal weight        over weight
3 kg        270 g        240 g        
4 kg        325 g        300 g        
5 kg        360 g        325 g        270 g
6 kg        415 g        375 g        300 g
7 kg        445 g        405 g        325 g
8 kg                460 g        325 g
9 kg                485 g        350 g