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Animonda Integra Kat Kidney (nieren) Kip 100 gr

Dieetvoer voor katten met nierproblemen of aanleg voor nierproblemen, zwakke nieren

Animonda Integra Kat Kidney (nieren) Kip 100 gr
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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the consequence of progressive and irreversible loss of functional kidney tissue (nephrons). Nowadays one cat in three over the age of 15 years suffers from this disease. Chronic kidney disease begins very gradually. Kidney failure progresses gradually over months and years virtually unnoticed. Unfortunately visible symptoms do not occur until the quantity of functioning kidney tissue drops below 25%. Special dietary foods are still considered to be a fundamental element in the therapy of CKD. The special dietary foods thus distinguish themselves from conventional foods by their reduced protein and phosphorus content. Furthermore, on account of a high fat content they also have a high energy density. Cats with chronic kidney failure are no longer able to excrete substances normally excreted in the urine, e. g. from the protein metabolism, sufficiently in this way and therefore an increased accumulation occurs in the blood. On account of the reduced supply of high-quality proteins from INTEGRA® PROTECT Nieren (Renal), therefore, there is not only a reduction in the accrual of protein degradation products – the patient also begins to feel better. Renal diets such as INTEGRA® PROTECT Nieren (Renal), however, can only achieve some effect when they are actually consumed. This dietary product is thus particularly well accepted by cats. In the interest of optimum feeding, your cat’s daily ration should ideally be divided into three meals (wet food, dry food or a combination depending on what your cat prefers).

Dietetic feed to support the renal function in the case of chronic renal insufficiency in cats

Meat and animal derivatives (15 % chicken), cereals, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals

nutrients        unit        pro 100 g OS        pro 100 g DM
Protein        g        8,5        38,6
Fat        g        9,5        43,2
Fiber        g        0,6        2,7
Ash        g        1,4        6,4
N-free extracts        g        2,0        9,1
moisture        g        78
Calcium        g        0,22        1
Phosphorous        g        0,17        0,77
Magnesium        mg        12        54,5
Sodium        g        0,19        0,86
Potassium        g        0,17        0,77
Chloride        g        0,17        0,79
Sulphur        mg        0,13        0,61
Linolic acid        g        1        4,5
Taurine        mg        59        270
Linoleic acid        g        1,8        8,2
Ca:P                1,33:1        
pH of the urine                6,7        

additives        unit        per 100 g OS        per 100 g DM
Vitamin A        IU        2500        11363
Vitamin D3        IU        30        136
Vitamin E        mg        4        18

weight of the cat        lean        normal weight        over weight
3 kg        200 g        180 g        
4 kg        240 g        220 g        175 g
5 kg        265 g        240 g        200 g
6 kg                280 g        220 g
7 kg                        240 g
8 kg                        240 g
9 kg                        260 g