Animonda Carny Rund/Hart 200gr

Met natuurlijke anti-oxidanten ter bescherming van het immuunsysteem en verhoging van de weerstand

Animonda Carny Rund/Hart 200gr
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Uitsluitend gemaakt van versvleesproducten
Vrij van chemische anti-oxidanten
Vrij van conserveringsmiddelen

Met natuurlijke anti-oxidanten ter bescherming van het immuunsysteem en verhoging van de weerstand

Volledig voer voor volwassen katten

Carny® - Catfood made exclusively from selected meats and fish

There’s no deceiving cats when it's a question of quality. They are much too fond of pure meat for that. Carny, therefore, is a genuine and honest product – through and through. It consists exclusively of specially selected,high-quality meat and fish.

Without preservatives, without chemical additives, and naturally also without artificial flavour enhancers and colourings. And, of course, our stringent and clearly defined quality philosophy absolutely excludes the use of soya or any genetically manipulated raw ingredients. Carny is absolutely honest – with no hidden secrets. This is why our declaration is also as clear and open as the product itself.

Carny is absolutely natural and unadulterated with that very typical meat taste which cats always adore. So your cat will love it too!

Cats are meat eaters by nature. They cannot get all essential nutrients they need just from vegetables. During 3500 years of living together with humans this has not changed. CARNY® cat nutrition is exclusively made out of fresh meat ingredients, such as heart, lungs, muscle meat and liver. All products are manufactured according to the latest scientific knowledge for a demand- and species-appropriate nutrition for cats: naturally, pure and principally free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. CARNY® ADULT is the natural species-appropriate nutrition for adult cats, nourished with essential minerals and vitamins.

53 % beef (meat, lung, liver, kidney, udder), 31 % broth,15 % beef hearts, calcium carbonate

   prepared with fresh ingredients only
   guaranteed without cereals
   without soya
   without artificial colouring
   with taurine

Protein 11,5 %, fat content 5,5 %, crude fiber 0,5 %, crude ash 1,4 %, moisture 79 %

Vitamin D3 200 IU, 0,2 mg E 2, 1,5 mg E 5, 10 mg E 6

weight of the cat        underweight        normal        overweight
3 kg                        245 g                210 g        
4 kg                        300 g                240 g        215 g
5 kg                        320 g                270 g        235 g
6 kg                                        330 g        260 g